Creditors of companies engaged in complex restructurings, distress situations, or court processes need an advisor with the right skills and expertise. We offer tailored creditor advisory services with deep in-country knowledge and networks to assist individual creditors, lender groups, banks, bondholders and other investors to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with such situations.

Recent engagements have included advising creditors on distress situations ranging in size and complexity from large companies with operations across multiple jurisdictions to middle market companies, privately and publicly held.

Our creditor support and advisory services include:

  • Lead managing the restructuring process whether it is a voluntary out of court restructuring or through a court appointed administration process such as the Indonesian PKPU process
  • Coordinating and advising steering committees overseeing the restructuring of a distress situation
  • Reviewing short-term and medium-term cash flow projections, analyzing cash conservation efforts and identifying the need for additional controls
  • Evaluating a borrower’s business plans and financial projections for reasonableness, including stress testing for risks and opportunities and assessing loan recovery prospects
  • Reviewing strategic and restructuring alternatives, analyzing possible outcomes and assessing value impact or loan recovery prospects
  • Valuing collateral packages on both a going concern and liquidation basis
  • Negotiating key terms and commercial amendments to existing credit facilities, or for new documentation as the case may be, as well as managing the execution and closing process
  • Monitoring restructuring / business plan implementation and compliance


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USD 191.3 million


Case Study


March 2016

USD 25 million